Alec Lander Lalas
Basic Info

Age 17
Height 165 cm
Occupation Student


Other Info
Affiliations SSCR de Cavite

Orb Forces

Nickname(s) Lec-Lec

Alec Lalas is a student in SSCR de Cavite(ARC 2), a member of the ORB FORCES and Freud's friend.


Alec became a member of the ORB FORCES after he learned about the dark forces. It was Freud whom encouraged him to join them. He and Freud became close friends because they became classmates since 1st-4th year High school. 

During the 3rd arc, Alec helps the ORB FORCES while studying at St. Dominic College of Asia. He is assigned to protect and watch over the city of Bacoor. One time he encountered Shadow Bullet and faced him but failed to defeat him because Shadow Bullet managed to escape.


Alec usually plays jokes and can start something funny that will spread very soon.


Alec's hairstyle is like that of a PBA player, James Yap. He dresses simple.

Powers and Abilities

Main Armament: Moon scythe

Other Armament: Lightsaber/Mecha unit

Alec's powers are that of the Thunder. His special attack is THUNDER CRUSHER. During his SEED mode, his Moon scythe is covered with Blue Thunder aura and during SEED 2, a black colored cloak appears. He also have black boomerangs.