BOOK 1-"THE RISE OF THE WARRIOR" is the very first book of the FG SERIES. This is where all begins.


The DARK FORCES returns with a plan to revive their DARK LORD. Doku and Han leads an attack that caused death of a lot of people including the parents of a 5-year old boy who was soon adopted by Cyrus. The boy was brought to the ORB FORCES HQ for inspection and soon they learned that he lost his parents because the DARK FORCES killed them. Then they saw that the boy holds a small blade known as the SACRED FLAME BLADE. He then is offered by Cyrus if he wants to join the ORB FORCES and he joins them. This begins the story of FREUD GAGUA.

5 years later, Freud becomes more stronger and is trained by Cyrus. He fights the demons and ghouls sent by the enemies whenever they appear and he defeats them with his lightsaber, but soon he is trained again to learn to manipulate his sacred flame powers and soon he was able to use the SACRED FLAME SWORD.

He studied grade 4 at SJC because GLCA is having some problems. But the bad thing is, the DARK FORCES is already targetting him and they are planning to capture him and worse is to kill him. His friends and classmates there helps him to catch up to his studies but he is busy due to the fact that he is also a member of the ORB FORCES.

At the last chapter after Freud's last day in SJC ends and he was about to go home, Kimberly talked to him and said that she would miss him. But Freud told her that hopefully it was not the last time they will see each other and that destiny awaits them in the future and leaves.

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