Don Tomas Mapua
Basic Info

Age  ????
Height 174 cm
Occupation Headmaster

Other Info
Affiliations Mapua
Nickname(s) N/A

Don Tomas Mapua is the founder and headmaster of the MAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.


Very few students and professors knows that he still exists, having an office and living underground Mapua, Don Tomas monitors the school by receiving reports from his trusted students and professors.

He also has his secret powers. He was one of the greatest Architects of all time and he also have the abilities of being an Engineer. He was able to create an enhancement that enhanced his lifespun because he believes that he cannot die unless the DARK FORCES is defeated forever.


Don Tomas is patient, strategic and is very good in analysis. He also have a humorous side.


He usually wears a pair of glasses and a coat.