The 10th episode of the FG SERIES ANIME arc 1.


Freud, Jaime and Peter was waiting at the front of their classroom after lunch for their next class and while waiting they were talking about their plans for the future. Freud told them that right now he has no plan yet except to avenge the death of his parents. Soon, their classmates arrives and waits with them.

Protzel and his troop of demons strikes the Mindanao ORB FORCES HQ branch. It is revealed that the DARK FORCES are planning to weaken the ORB FORCES by destroying all their headquarters . Commanding at the Mindanao ORB FORCES HQ branch is Yugi and some ORB WARRIORS. Then the orb warriors and knights fought to defend their base but Protzel is powerful and they were struggling, some of  them were worried because they thought that they don't have enough powers to defeat Protzel, but Yugi does his best with his Black Magic and his lightsaber and tries to hold the DARK FORCES back for some time.