The 11th episode of the FG SERIES ANIME arc 1.


Freud is suddenly called up by Cyrus because it is an emergency, he rushes to the base in Cavite city with Jaime, Peter, Gerrison and Barci. They were given a mission to help the warriors in the Mindanao ORB FORCES HQ branch. They rode at the ARKEAGLE, the main battleship of Orb Forces and in less than an hour, it landed directly at the base and they brought out their lightsabers to fight the enemies trying to conquer the base.

While Jaime, Peter and Gerrison were fighting the intruders, Freud saw that Yugi is badly hit by a slash from Protzel. He went near Yugi and  told him to rest for a bit and he brought out his SACRED FLAME SWORD and he decided to fight Protzel.