The 13th episode of the FG SERIES anime arc 1.


Freud went very early to school because he wanted to borrow notes from his classmates because he was absent the day before that day. All he saw is Kimberly Ong so he talked to her and asked if he could copy some notes and she kindly lend him her notebooks. They still have an hour before classes. While Freud was copying the lectures he missed to his notebook, KImberly was talking to him and asked if how is his life being a member of the Orb Forces. Freud said while copying, "Life is ok for me, although at times I may be busy because I am a member of the ORB FORCES, having lost my parents 5 years ago made my life more difficult..." Kimberly told him that he may still be happy and told him that she believes that he can overcome all challenges in his life and he would have a very happy future. Freud smiles and Kimberly was surprised, this is the first time she saw Freud smiled.

Protzel returns to the DARK FORCES HQ but Doku was not there because he headed to China to attack with his troops.