The 14th episode of the FG SERIES anime arc 1.


Some of Freud's girl classmates are irritated of Akito because he keeps on doing things that annoys them. For example, throwing pieces of paper balls with his friend, Joshua and Jeremy. Freud confronted them during recess. Akito told him that he would stop if he could beat him in a 1-on-1 basketball game, so he agreed and they played, the first to score 10 points wins.

Cyrus received reports that the China ORB FORCES HQ branch is under attack so he sent some knights to protect the base there, he cannot send Freud yet because he knows that Freud has a lot of business in his country for now.

Freud and Akito had their basketball game and Freud won the game, 10-7 and his girl classmates congratulated him for they also know about the deal. Dissapointed in defeat, Akito left them and walked out.