The 15th episode of the FG SERIES ANIME arc 1.


The class were planning their seating arrangements for the field trip next week on Friday. Soon, Genevieve, Kimberly, Alynna and Kamille were arguing on who must seat beside Freud. Their adviser where surprised and soon they asked who Freud wants to seat with. The 4 suddenly went silent to wait who will Freud choose but the answer was, "I choose...well can we just have it at random? I can seat with any of long as we enjoy the field trip then it must not matter." The class were touched and so was his adviser. Soon, Freud was placed at the middle of a 3-seater on the 5th row with Kimberly on the window side and Genevieve on the other side.

The supports units arrives in China and they successfully defended the China ORB FORCES HQ branch there against Doku and his troops. As Doku was about to leave he shouted, "Right now you can enjoy on beating us!!! But as soon as the DARK LORD returns!!! We will laugh at you!!!"