The 16th episode of the FG SERIES ANIME arc 1.


They had their quiz on SOCIAL STUDIES and it is about the REGIONS in the Philippines. Freud had no difficulty in finishing the quiz but some of his classmates had almost everything left blank. After classes, he saw that most of his classmates went home immediately to study better on that subject.

The support group force returned to the Orb forces HQ from China. They reported that Doku boasted about the near return of the DARK LORD. Cyrus tells them all that the DARK LORD is only sealed and is not destroyed and all they must do is prevent the enemies from releasing the DARK LORD. Freud went in to report on his duty but he heard the rumors spreading, that the DARK LORD would soon return. Freud upon hearing promised that he will defeat the dark lord and destroy it for it is the one who killed his parents.