The 24th episode of the FG SERIES ANIME arc 1.


Freud and Maktor continues to fight each other with Maktor having successfully landing a few slashes on Freud. Gerrison wanted to help Freud and so is Jaime but they cannot just bat in because Genevieve's safety is at risk if they try to interfere so they just left and headed back to the HQ.

Maktor used his strongest attack, SHADOW FURY ATTACK and caused Freud to collapse on the ground and he is badly hurt. Maktor taunted him and raised his blade to prepare to kill him, but suddenly Genevieve was near him and tried to block the slash, with all his strength, Freud standed up and embraced Genevieve and he covered her and he was hit by the slash instead, Freud fell to the ground, badly hurt.

Maktor laughed while Genevieve was crying because she knows that right now Freud is in danger. But Freud suddenly standed up and he was suddenly covered by a flame aura. Then he brought out his SACRED FLAME SWORD and to his surprise he turned to SEED MODE, shocked, Maktor striked a lot of times but Freud was able to hit him with a powerful slash from his sword with flame powers and Maktor is defeated and was burned.

After winning the fight, Genevieve embraced him and told him how much worried she is when Freud was hit. The episode ends with Freud heading back to the ORB FORCES HQ.