The 30th episode of the FG SERIES ANIME arc 1.


Orochimaru and his troops attacks SJC and they plan to capture Freud and if possible lure him to the DARK SIDE. Freud, Jaime and Peter protected the school and fought the intruders. Peter led the students to a safe hiding zone, Jaime and Freud did their work as planned by clearing the way of enemies.

Soon, Freud faced Orochimaru and he was offered to join the DARK FORCES. Freud kept on rejecting but then Orochimaru suddenly said that, "I know that you've lost your parents since you were young...and we know that you are hungry for love...that's what we assure you...if you join the dark would receive that too much love." Freud suddenly broke off for what he heard. But Kimberly also heard that and went beside him and said, "Don't join the DARK FORCES...that is not love what he is saying...there is no love in the dark." Freud still rejects the offer of Orochimaru and they fought each other and soon, Orochimaru and his forces retreated for they failed their mission to make Freud join the dark forces.

Freud thanked Kimberly for doing her best to prevent him from joining the DARK FORCES. Kimberly told him that whatever happens, she would be always there for him.