The 33rd episode of the FG SERIES ANIME arc 1.


Freud and Orochi were still fighting each other but Orochi was landing more attacks with his axe. Freud tries his best to fight back, he was able to land some slashes with his sword but not more significant than those landed to him by Orochi.

Cyrus and the rest of the ORB FORCES were aware and were searching for Freud to help him because Cyrus believes that Freud is not yet ready to fight strong warriors of the DARK FORCES because his training is not yet enough.

Orochi hits Freud with his ultimate spear attack and he falls to the ground. Orochi raised his spear and told Freud, "Join the DARK FORCES or I will kill you?" But Freud stands up and he still refuses to join the DARK FORCES and for the first time...he turns to SEED MODE and his SACRED FLAME SWORD is covered by Flames, then he attacks with many slashes with flame aura that hits Orochi a lot of times, soon Cyrus and the rest finds him but instead of helping him, they watched as he landed a powerful stab on Orochi. But Orochi survived and he was able to escape. 

As Freud saw them, he smiled and told them all that he fought with courage and will. Then as he deactivated the SEED MODE and his powers, he fell unconscious and he was brought to the MEDICAL ROOM in the ORB FORCES HQ.