The 8th episode of the FG SERIES arc 1 anime series.


After Freud learned on how to use the FLARE RASENGGAN, he takes a week break and enjoys his school days. Cyrus orders Namu and Seiran to go to Great Brittain to deliver the important files to the ORB FORCES HQ branch there and then head to Australia to search for training grounds.

Even though having a break, Freud goes to the LAKE OF LAND AND HEAVEN after classes to meditate and keep his physical fitness. The following day, Demons and Zombies headed to attack their school again and all were searching for him, luckily, he used the SACRED FLAME SWORD to burn all those intruders and successfully cleared the school of enemies.

Doku and Orochimaru saw how strong Freud was and they managed to escape for the moment to formulate a new plan. Orochi told them that no one can stand against the DARK LORD Nedeko and that once the Dark Lord rises again, the DARK FORCES will rule the world.