FG series is a fictional story series written by Freud Gagua with some real-life characters. It consists of 3 arcs...

Freud Gagua ARC 1: Sacred Flare Knight

  • Book 1: Rise of a Warrior
  • Book 2: Unleashed Flames
  • Book 3: The Real Enemy

Freud Gagua ARC 2: Flame Chronicles

  • Book 1: The Vitality Gate
  • Book 2: Clashing Forces
  • Book 3: Return of the Dark Lord
  • Book 4: The Ultimate Revelation

Freud Gagua ARC 3: The Divine One

  • Book 1: The Sacred Medallion
  • Book 2: Dark and Light
  • Book 3: Hidden Swords
  • Book 4: Clash of Forces
  • Book 5: The Final Destiny

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