Francheska Macam
Basic Info

Age 17
Height 165 cm
Occupation Student

Other Info
Affiliations Mapua
Nickname(s) Cheska

Francheska Macam or Cheska is a student in Mapua. She is also one of Don Tomas Mapua's trusted students.


When Cheska entered Mapua, she became known because of her beauty. She attracted a lot of guys but rumors spread that she already had a boyfriend. She met Freud during her 1st year 2nd term in Mapua and befriended him, soon she learned about his powers and his other secrets. Everytime she gets involved when the dark forces attacks, it was Freud who saves her. She went in a relationship with JP but soon broke up with him due to the fact that she is also having another boyfriend the same time with JP. Their break-up caused JP to join the DARK FORCES.

A man named Dusk, who is a powerful warrior of the DARK FORCES caused a lot of chaos in Manila especially in Mapua. Freud was even hurt when he tried to fight him,. When Cheska was trapped by Dusk, she revealed who was behind his mask, JP Rosete and offered him to return and leave the DARK FORCES, but JP rejects her offer and leaves.

As the series end, Cheska becomes a Licensed Civil Engineer and she was residing in the USA with JP and soon they would be married.


Cheska is friendly.


Cheska is one of the most beautiful girls in Mapua. She has a good height and an average body build.