Genevieve Manalac
Basic Info

Age 17
Height 166 cm
Occupation Student

Other Info
Affiliations SSCR de Cavite
Nickname(s) Gin

Genevieve Manalac is a student in SSCR de Cavite(ARC 2) and is included in the main harem of the series.


Genevieve became Freud's classmate during grade 4 and schoolmate for the rest of their High school. She is often seen in the Library either studying or reading in advance. One time Freud came to talk to her and offered her to have lunch together because he is concerned to her. She refuses and tells him that she must keep on studying because if she don't get to be the TOP 1 of their batch, her parents might not accept her as their daughter anymore but Freud tells her that whatever happens she is always TOP 1 for him. During the 3rd arc, Genevieve is kidnapped together with some of her friends but Freud saves her.


Genevieve is studious and is childish.


Genevieve is cute and most of the times she wears a headband. She also have an average height and body.