Gerrison Te
Basic Info

Age 19
Height 172 cm
Occupation Student


Other Info
Affiliations Orb Forces
Nickname(s) Stardust

Gerrison Te is a member of the ORB FORCES, a student in FEU(3rd arc) and is Freud's bestfriend.


Gerrison was trained since he was grade 2 due to the fact that he and Freud had been friends since that young. Both of them share almost the same interests and treated themselves like brothers. During the 2nd arc of the series, even though he and Freud were studying on different High schools, they were often together during battles against the DARK FORCES and during weekends where he and Freud plays an online game called COSMIC BREAK.  He then reappears during the 3rd arc to help Freud on his missions especially during the appearance of STEALTH ASSASSIN. 

He fought with all his strength against Dusk but then he failed to win because his enemy escaped then suddenly, Orochi appeared and attacked him and he turned to his final form and with all his strength, he defeated Orochi. He also contributed a big help during the final battle where he fought with the ORB FORCES alongside Freud and he defeated a lot of enemies to clear the way for the innocent people to escape.

As the series ends, Gerrison graduates from FEU and soon becomes the producer of the world's best video game and soon he was hired by Bandai to become one of the designers for the next Gundam series. He also becomes the number 1 world COSMIC BREAK player.


Gerrison is an otaku and gamer. He is also a reliable friend. Unlike others, Gerrison does not care whether others might think of him as long as he is doing what he want and what makes him happy.


Gerrison has decent looks and have an average height and body.

Powers and Abilities

Main Armament: Stardust Sword

Other Armament: Lightsaber/Mecha unit set

Gerrison's powers are from the element of the wind combined with some powers of the universe. He can launch stars against his enemies that can stun them and slow them down. He also has his own Mecha armor set that is customized for him.

His special attack is Stardust Light slash and when his stardust sword is in rifle mode, his special attack is Stardust buster. When he has the Mecha armor set, his special attack is BUSTER RIFLE MISSILE BURST.