Jaime Lingad
Basic Info

Age 17
Height 170 cm
Occupation Student

Other Info
Affiliations SSCR de Cavite

Orb Forces

Nickname(s) N/A

Jaime Lingad is a student in SSCR de Cavite(ARC 2) and a member of the ORB FORCES.


Jaime befriended Freud since grade 4. He became a member of the ORB FORCES a week after Freud first became. He fought alongside ORB FORCES for the first time when the DARK FORCES attacked SJC during their grade 4. During the 2nd arc, Jaime was Freud's schoolmate and is also responsible for guarding the entrance to the underground of their school.

During the 2nd chapter of the 3rd arc, he reappears and once more becomes an active ORB FORCER. He helps the patrol team to protect the country and to search for the whereabouts of the DARK FORCES HQ.

As the series end, Jaime returns from the Europe to the Philippines and marries Agatha.


Jaime is a good friend and a tactician.


Jaime wears a pair of glasses whenever he reads and he has an average height and decent looks.

Powers and Abilities

Main Armament: Rock Hammer

Other Armaments: Lightsaber

Jaime's powers are that of strength. He can control rocks and throw them at his enemies with force.