Jhames Mallari is a member of the ORB FORCES and is a close friend of Freud and Gerrison. 

Jhames Mallari
Basic Info

Age 18
Height 165 cm
Occupation Student


Other Info
Affiliations Orb Forces


Nickname(s) N/A


Jhames is a student in Sangley National High school during the 3rd arc. He often spends his free time playing osu or cosmic break with Freud and Gerrison who are both close friends to him. Whenever he have an opportunity, he usually hangs out with girls.

Jhames joined the ORB FORCES since the 2nd arc, his main role is an overseas patroller but soon he was assigned to the ORB FORCES HQ in Manila city.


Jhames is a good friend, is always energetic and is somewhat a chic boy.


Jhames have an average height and decent looks.

Powers and Abilities

Main Armament: Lightsaber

Jhames has the powers of the element of Fire.