Joseph Amorado
Basic Info

Age 19
Height 178 cm
Occupation Student

Other Info
Affiliations SJC


Nickname(s) Jobo

Joseph Amorado is a student in Mapua (3rd arc) and is also connected to the ORB FORCES.


Jobo is a genius student who often spends his time either watching anime or playing video games. One time he met Namu and Cyrus who told him about the war of the ORB FORCES and the DARK FORCES. He and his cousins also encountered ghouls one time at night and he managed to protect them by taking those ghouls using available objects to defeat them. During the 3rd arc, he is one of the trusted students of the Hidden Headmaster of Mapua.


Jobo is a nice friend. He is patient, studious, an otaku and gamer as well.


Jobo is tall with good body build and decent looks.