Kedds Queddeng is a student in Mapua during ther 3rd arc and is a member of the ORB FORCES.

Kedds Queddeng
Basic Info

Age Unknown
Height 171 cm
Occupation Student


Other Info
Affiliations Orb Forces


Nickname(s) N/A


Kedds befriended Freud during their 1st year 2nd term in Mapua. They usually play basketball whenever both of them have free time. During the 2nd chapter of the 3rd arc, Kedds was assigned to become the COMMANDER of the ORB FORCES RUSSIA BASE BRANCH. After that he got promoted.


Kedds is a good friend and exaggerates things.


Kedds has an average height and body.

Powers and Abilities

Main Armament: Ocean blade

Kedds' powers comes from the powers of the OCEAN.