Marghel Buenaventura
Basic Info

Age 18
Height 161 cm
Occupation Student

Other Info
Affiliations SSCR de Cavite


Nickname(s) N/A

Marghel Buenaventura is a student in SSCR de Cavite during the 2nd arc and is also included in the main harem of the series.


When Marghel entered High school, she studied at SSCR de Cavite where she met Freud. She was trying to be close to him and if possible she does her best to make him happy but she was unsuccessful because it is hard to make Freud happy. She also knows about the ORB and DARK FORCES and she saw Freud fight them a few times. But she has to transfer to another school at the end of her 1st year High school and Freud saw how lonely she was to leave the school where even though she just studied there for a year she really enjoyed that year. To comfort her, Freud dated her to at least thank her for trying to make him happy and at times being with him whenever he's alone. During the 3rd arc, Marghel studied College at ADAMSON UNIVERSITY and took Electronics Engineering, the same course that Freud is taking in MAPUA. She was always watching Freud whenever he has a football match or a basketball game.


Marghel is friendly, approachable and a good friend.


Marghel is cute, have an average height and body and her hair is always untied.