Marlon Crisostomo
Basic Info

Age 18
Height 173 cm
Occupation Student


Other Info
Affiliations SSCR de Cavite

Dark Forces

Nickname(s) Stealth Assassin

Marlon Crisostomo is a student in SJC(ARC 1), a student in SSCR(ARC 2) and is a member of the DARK FORCES(ARC 3).


Marlon and Freud became classmates during their grade 4 in SJC. He seems to be a friend to Freud and he also knows about the war of the 2 forces. During the 2nd arc, Marlon started courting Kimberly Ong, although he transferred to SSCR de Cavite at the start of his 3rd year High school, he still continued to court her until the start of the 3rd arc. During the start of the 3rd arc, many people especially ORB WARRIORS were killed by a powerful warrior from the DARK FORCES named STEALTH ASSASSIN and soon Freud learned that it was Marlon. Marlon and Freud soon became rivals at the middle of the 3rd arc and only a few knows that Marlon is Stealth Assassin. He and Freud soon fights 1 on 1 at the LAKE OF LAND AND HEAVEN.


Marlon is a good friend, he usually plays jokes and makes boring things interesting.


Marlon has an average height with a good muscular build.

Powers and Abilities

Main Armament: Stealth Blade

Other Armament: Lightsaber

Marlon's powers are from the element of Wind with the powers of darkness. His special attack is Shadow Air Strike that he suddenly disappears and reappears at the open spot of the enemy and slashes with shadow force. He wears a mask that covers only the upper portion of his face with his mouth uncovered by the mask. During his SHADOW FORM, Marlon's stealth blade becomes 4 inches longer and is covered with shadow aura.