Miriam Cagalingan
Basic Info

Age 17
Height 158 cm
Occupation Student

Other Info
Affiliations Mapua
Nickname(s) N/A

Miriam Cagalingan is a student in Mapua(ARC 3) and is included in the main harem of the series.


Freud first saw Miriam during his 1st term in Mapua but soon became her classmate during his 1st year 4th term. Miriam got involved one time when the dark forces striked in Mapua to search for the hidden Headmaster but luckily, Freud arrived, took down the enemies from the dark forces and saved her. After she was saved, Freud explained to her on what is really happening in the world and he also told her how the DARK FORCES plans to destroy and make the world like hell. He also reveals himself as the divine one, ever since she had been connected to the ORB FORCES. During the end of the first part of the 3rd arc, she received the SACRED MEDALLION from Freud which would protect her and her friends at times of danger. It is also revealed at the mid part of the 3rd arc that she is in-love to Freud. From that point on, she proved how loyal she is to him.

Miriam was one of the few Mapuans who knows about what is really going on in the world about the dark forces and the orb forces. She also met the hidden Headmaster of Mapua.

As the series end, Miriam graduates and becomes a licensed Computer Engineer. Details on her ending are revealed at the epilogue of the series.


Miriam is a friendly and simple girl. She usually goes by with her friends. She is studious and focuses well on her studies.


Miriam is a beautiful girl with average height. She is cute especially during the times that you see her smile. She dresses simply. Freud described her as "the girl who can capture any man's heart".