Basic Info

Age  ????
Height 184 cm
Occupation Warrior

Other Info
Affiliations Dark Forces
Nickname(s) The Dark Lord

Nedeko is the DARK LORD, the main antagonist of the FG SERIES.


Nobody really knows about Nedeko's past. All they know is that he is the DARK LORD and the main enemy. Even Cyrus don't know who Nedeko really is before. Nedeko once again came to life during the start of the 1st arc, even though his true powers are not yet unlocked, he had caused a lot of damage to the world especially to the ORB FORCES and to Freud.

He unlocks his powers at the final part of the 3rd arc and causes Darkness all over the world. Freud however also unlocked his final form, the divinity mode and faces him, Nedeko uses all his powers but all was no match against Freud who's the divine one and he was defeated and the DARK FORCES will fall forever.


Nedeko is good in tactics and during fights he becomes morbid but he is calm.


Nedeko is a half-human half-demon.

Powers and Abilities

Main Armament: Dark Lord's Blade

Other Armaments: Lightsaber

Nedeko's powers are of DARKNESS. He can launch a lot of dark attacks and shadow lightning bolts to his enemies. His special attack is DESTRUCTING SHADOW.