OVA 4 is the 4th OVA of the FG SERIES anime series.


After classes, Freud and his friends were planning to play a baketball game, he headed to the canteen first to buy an energy drink before playing and saw that Irvin and Ellai were together, having a bad feeling on what he saw, he just left and he never expected that Irivn is also playing with his friends. He then left suddenly and went home and his friends saw him.

At night he was thinking that if he could get better on basketball the way he is good at soccer, then he might have a shot on Ellai. The following day, it was Saturday and Freud went to the basketball court at 5:30 PM all by himself and practiced playing basketball, taking jump shots, free throws and some layup drills and dribbling exercises. He was having difficulty on making consecutive jump shots but he tried and tried, he was making some shots but not as he was expecting to make more than 60%. Even though he was starting to get tired, he still continued trying to make at least 4 consecutive jump shots but he cannot, and as he had used all his energy, he got tired and lay down on the court. He closed his eyes and thought if he would still get better. Then he heard a sound of thunder meaning that it was about to rain. A few moments later, he heard rain-drops and soon it start raining. But he was wondering why he is not getting wet, he sat up to see that he was under an umbrella and looked at the girl holding it. It was no other than Kimberly Ong. She told Freud that she was about to go home from her classmate's house when she saw him lying at the ground. Freud told her, "I am training hard because I want to get better in Basketball...because I don't want others trashtalking me in terms of this sport...". But he was surprised to hear what KImberly said to him. She said, "You've been working hard're always determined on getting better, you became great in football...and I believe in you...that you would become a good basketball player someday as well." Happy on what he heard, Freud smiled, thanking her and the episode ends with the rain stopping and both he and Kimberly heading home together. 


  • This takes place during the 2nd arc.
  • Freud soon became good in jump shooting