The ORB FORCES protects the world from the DARK FORCES and maintains the world's safety. They are the only force that can match the DARK FORCES.


During the past, the ORB FORCES defeated the DARK FORCES but soon the DARK FORCES regrouped and they caused a lot of darkness in the world especially when the DARK LORD Nedeko is revived. Cyrus who is the headmaster leads the Forces to protect the world and if possible defeat the DARK FORCES forever. Freud who lost his parents when he was just 5-years old also became an Orb Forcer with his friends.


The Orb Forces have their ranks also, the ranks represent and define how great an ORB FORCER is, the higher the rank of an ORB FORCER that means the more powerful he/she may be. But that doesn't mean always that an ORB FORCER of lower rank is weaker than a higher rank.


Those of line rank are those who just became Orb Forcers. They usually have no unique weapons and only use lightsabers and common armaments.


Those of circle rank are those who get promoted from line rank, they get promoted to this rank if they show exceptional skill on the field.


They are called regular Orb Forcers, meaning they are of regular rank. Square rankers are those who had completed a lot of missions successfully for the Orb Forces or those who had saved the lives of others by risking their own. Square rankers get to have their unique weapons of their choice if they want to.


Pentagon rankers are those who have great skill. To be qualified for this rank, one must prove his/her loyalty to the Orb Forces, that means being active for a number of years. Also one must be helpful at times.


Star rankers are those who have great skill and good fighting talent. Orb Forcers of this rank are considered elite because all warriors of this rank does not have only their unique weapons but also their powerful skills.


Very few reach this rank. To become a crown ranker the decision of the BOARD OF OFFICERS is needed. One must not only have great skill and good fighting talent but also potential, fighting spirit, good attitude and concern for the world.