OVA 1 is the first Ova episode of the FG SERIES ANIME. The episode was entitled "Connections Part 1." 


While the DARK FORCES seemed to have taken a break from their attacks, Freud and his friends resumes their usual lives. One day, when Freud and Gerrison where inside the bus, while both of them where talking, they suddenly felt something unusual and after a few moments they regained their senses. Freud was shocked to see that Donna is his seatmate so as Gerrison to see that Kimberly Ong is his seatmate, soon they realized that they both switched bodies with the other two who was also inside the bus so they all decided to go to a restaurant first to talk about somethings in any case that they do not return to normal immediately. The episode ends with Freud and Kimberly bidding goodbye and telling each other good luck even though they haven't returned to normal yet.


  • The OVA 1 is like what happened in Kokoro Connect except that they haven't returned back to their own selves yet
  • A few moments after the OVA is finished, the writer confirmed that there would be a part 2 of this one.