OVA 2 is the second OVA of the FG SERIES anime.


Continuation from the events of Ova 1, Freud and Kimberly had switched bodies and so as Gerrison and Donna. During the next day, they still haven't returned to their own selves and they have to adjust to their new routines temporarily. With Freud and Gerrison still together, they were planning to look for a plan to return to normal, however they did not even know how did this thing happen and how it is possible. Everytime it is home time, the 4 meets up at the Coastal Terminal to go home together and to about things that happened that day. Freud and Gerrison is the most affected ones because they have to really adjust to their temporary lives.  After a week, they finally returned to normal and thus ending the OVA 2.


  • This OVA is the continuation of OVA 1.
  • Some characters from the previous arcs appeared in the OVA.
  • 4 ORB FORCE members made a cameo appearance.