Realyn Banaban
Basic Info

Age 17
Height 162 cm
Occupation Student

Other Info
Affiliations SSCR de Cavite
Nickname(s) Rea

Realyn Banaban is a student in SSCR de Cavite(ARC 2).


Rea became Freud's classmate during 2nd year High school. He even helped his bestfriend, Alec in courting her and a year before they graduated Alec successfully won Rea's heart. She is also the bestfriend of Ellai. Rea joined the ORB FORCES medical team when the war went to its rage during the 2nd arc. She helped healing the injuries of all hurt students and warriors. During the 3rd arc, Rea joins the Medical team of the Orb Forces and goes on duty during her free time. As the series end, Rea and Alec were married and were residing in Canada.


Rea is approachable and is a good friend.


Rea is cute, she has the image of a Korean girl even though she's a Filipina. She also have a good body build and a cute hair-style.