Sarah Benobo is a student in Sangley Elementary school during the 1st arc and is an ORB FORCE medical member during the 3rd arc.

Sarah Benobo
Basic Info

Age 18
Height 162 cm
Occupation Student

Other Info
Affiliations SPNHS

Orb Forces

Nickname(s) N/A


Sarah became Freud and Gerrison's classmate during their grade 6. She and Gerrison had been classmates during their High school in Sangley Point National High School. Ever since Gerrison met her, he had already fallen in-love to her despite him being an otaku and gamer.

She often helps those who are involved by attacks from the DARK FORCES by healing them. She is gifted by the powers of a healer. 


Sarah is a nice girl and is studious.


Sarah is cute with an average body and height.

Powers and Abilities

Sarah have healing powers, she can use some of her energy to heal someone's injuries or wounds.