The SCHOOL OF CHE-CHM is the department in Mapua Institute of Technology.


  • Ma'am Martin
  • Ma'am Marquez
  • Mr. Roberto L. Ngo
  • Mr. Jan Michael Cayme
  • Mr. Medarlo De Jesus
  • Mr. Soriano
  • Ma'am Ng
  • Ma'am Ordono
  • Mr. Velarde


  • This department in Mapua has the 2nd highest failure rate per student.
  • All professors are strict despite having different character.
  • Sir Robert Ngo keeps on repeating "you must remember everything in Chem Lab for Next Term".
  • Ma'am Martin is the most strict professor in the School of CHE-CHM, she makes difficult exams and to pass when she is your professor, you must get 85% or higher.
  • Sir Cayme is good in teaching, however in Chem-Lab courses, he is strict in giving points, even if you pass a good and long conclusion, he would only give you 1 point out of 5.