Basic Info

Age 35
Height 177 cm
Occupation Warrior

Other Info
Affiliations Dark Forces
Nickname(s) Crimson Bullet

Speights is a humanoid who is a member of the DARK FORCES.


Before Speights joined the DARK FORCES, he was a pure human and during the ANCIENT WAR, he almost died that the DARK LORD saw him and modified him to become a humanoid, ever since he is a member of the DARK FORCES. Speights is involved in killing some warriors who protected SSCR de Cavite and one of their former Headmasters, Fr. Limchaypo.


Speights is a sharp shooter and is good in handling weapons.


Speights is a humanoid.

Powers and Abilities

Main Armament: Crimson Rifle (x2)

Other Armaments: Lightsaber, Flash bomb, Smoke bomb, Missile Launcher, Mega canon

Speights does have the powers of the DARK FORCE but he usually uses his armaments to take down his enemies from long range. His special attack is ULTRA SHOT COMBO.